Monday, July 28, 2008

Funny craigslist posts...... again

You know, the funny posts on craigslist never end.

Here are 2 from the pets section. The first........

help me find a good home

Date: 2008-07-27, 9:09PM MDT

Good home needed for my husband. I hate to give him up but i don't think it's fair to leave him at home all alone all day while i work.
he is current on all vaccinations and knows how to sit, stay, and lay down (he's actually quite good at those things)he is not neutered but i would consider doing this if you could provide him a good home. I wont lie, he does frequently make messes in the house, but usually does it in the same spot so maybe you could train him to do it outside if you had the time. he is not good with children and probably should be an only pet, but will be completely devoted to you if you just feed him and give him what he wants. I am asking for a small rehoming fee of 50,000.$ just to cover what i've already spent on him.
if it sounds like you may be able to give him a good home, please reply to this email. he doesn't work so he will be able to respond to your inquiry quite quickly. Please note that he will come with all his basic supplies (motorcycle, Large over expensive pickup and of course his giant ego)
Thanks for Looking, and hopefully I will hear from someone soon

and the reply

re: help me find a good home

Date: 2008-07-27, 9:33PM MDT

I may be interested in providing a home for your husband. I would like to know if he can perform any tricks(?) The messes don't bother me if he is a working breed and can fetch the bread. It is also important that he be non-aggressive as I can't tolerate this type of behavior. If not would you be upset if he ends up in the compost pile with my last one?

Sugar High

Caught the girls eating sugar. Not sugary food, just SUGAR. Out of the bag.

LittleBit (my 2 year old, mind you, and this is a direct quote) said :

"well, my tummy said it wanted sugar, so I fed it some sugar. and it liked the sugar, so it said, "Mmmm, thanks for the sugar". And then I said, "Oh, You're welcome"."

(The "experts" say she might string together 3-5 words any day now......)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our kitchen

We took the base kitchen, then extended the outside wall 10 feet, to give us a covered patio. Moved the living room wall to split the difference between the two (the model's kitchen was way too small for my tastes).

We ended up with more cabinet space on ONE WALL (the common wall between the living and kitchen), than we have in our entire kitchen currently. Thanks in part to the upgrade to 42" cabinets throughout. This is seriously my dream kitchen!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Yes, Virginia, we HAVE a close date!!

Went down to see the house today. Had our builder meet us there, in case there were any "issues", so we could discuss them right away....... and this is what we found (more continued below). As you can see, there are no issues!! We love it!!!

Next week, our builder will get a camera crew in, to do a virtual tour before we close. WHen they do, I will link to it. Because THESE pictures just don't do it justice:

OH - and we close in TWO WEEKS!!!!! YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Virginia, we HAVE a close date!! part 2

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MiniMe is growing up too fast!

She's now lost 5 teeth (go HERE for pics) . The first one last September (she turned 5 a month later), the second shortly thereafter..... and three in a week (2 weeks ago). So cute, and she's had so much fun playing with them.

LittleBit woke up during the night MiniMe lost 2 in the same day, and asked me, "Mommy, is [MiniMe] going to pull all of MY teeth out next, so the Tooth Fairy will give her more money?"

According to "development experts", she may start stringing three words together to make a simple sentence, any day. Three, you say???? Yeah, I always knew my kids were geniuses!!

Ah, the JOY of BUILDING a house.....

Got a call last week from the Builder's office..... we're closing the first or second week of August. Yep, that's the original close date (August 11). Oh well, as long as we don't close LATER (school starts the following week!!!).......

And the State has been dragging their heels on submitting HB's paperwork, for the national licensing exam. Others have received their go-ahead, but his case manager (or whatever the heck the job title is) claims he submitted approval "weeks ago" - turns out he didn't really submit it until last week. NO IDEA why it took him a MONTH to check the "approved" box. So we're still in limbo (unlicensed), so HB can't start his job...... He's working, but at half salary, and as a glorified tech in the meanwhile.......

Times like these remind you that everything happens for a reason. If the house were as far ahead of schedule as we'd been told, we wouldn't be able to close, because of the delays in licensing. If the license wasn't being delayed, HB would have to travel as soon as he is licensed, or to stay on a couch in P-town, until the house was done and we could move down there. It will all work out, I am sure, but I am getting tired of waiting, LOL!!

The painters were delayed, because there was a problem with the drywall. The tile guy can't work until the painters are done, the cabinets can't go in until the tile is down, etc.......

That ate up about 2 weeks of time. And when we went down on Sunday, we discovered one of the doors is hung wrong: instead of opening from the laundry INTO the rest of the house, it swings into the laundry room, which will make it collide with the garage door, and they will BOTH block the bathroom door. Took a couple of back and forth calls with the builder to explain what was wrong, and that we want it like it is on the PLANS..... once he understood, he of course agreed to take a look, and get it fixed. Ah..... another delay.

Handsome Buffalo tells me not to worry. I just want to get into the house!!

Here are the latest pictures. Drywall done, walls primed, trim painted, a coat of stucco on (and some guy named "Fransisco" signed his name in the stucco. I am FAIRLY CERTAIN his autograph will not still be on the house at closing.......)