Monday, September 8, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged by roundtuit. (one of my oldest, dearest friends! Not that I am calling us OLD; we've known each other since Jr. High! GO Tigers!!)

The rules:
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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks you possess.

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Six UNspectacular quirks? hmmm... here goes!

1. I can pinch things with my toes (do "talents" count as quirks?). I have been able to all my life. I take it for granted, really, and often forget. Unless I need to pick something up, like a sock on the floor. I use my toes to pick it up, because my knees hurt, and it beats bending. HandsomeBuffalo laughs, and thinks it's soooo weird. THen I remember and pinch him. MiniMe can sometimes pick up socks, but LittleBit, she's REALLY got the toes. She can do everything I can do, and she's not yet three. Of course, my sister, Sailorgal, beats us all - she used to hold a brush in her feet, and brush her hair with it, just for fun.

2. I can turn my tongue upside-down, in either direction, tie cherry stems, form a flower, etc. One of my many "stupid pet tricks" (like toe-pinching, above). MiniMe definitely inherited this one. She can even do a "near" flower - much younger than I knew they existed.

3. I am a reformed Obsessive-Compulsive. At least, I CLAIM to be reformed. HandsomeBuffalo says I have a LONG way to go, to get rid of my OCD. I remind him how bad I used to be, and he concedes the point.........

4. I LOVE rain. L-O-V-E LOVE. It was on my secret list of ways I'd know my "prince". He'd kiss me in the rain. I had boyfriends who never kissed me in the rain, even when I asked, and boyfriends who never kissed me at all. A few who thought it was weird I even LIKED rain. And one I definitely suspect would have melted, or something (he was rather evil, and has probably returned to his underworld home, long ago, lol). HandsomeBuffalo, on the other hand, took me for walks in the rain (he didn't even know my secret obsession), sat in porch swings smelling the rain with me, and even dragged me out in the middle of a near-monsoon just to kiss me in the rain, when we were still dating. Not only was he literally everything else I ever wanted/needed (and more), but the whole rain-kissing-thing sealed the deal! Call me silly, but there it is!

5. I hate mess. Now, before any of my siblings call me to remind me what a horribly messy room I ALWAYS had, I admit it's true. But it made me cranky. I hate clutter, I hate mess, and I REALLY HATE germs (see, OCD again). In the new house, this is mostly under control, but there are still boxes in the garage that need to be dealt with. I have been an unpacking FIEND, and have most of what we really ened already unpacked and put away. I keep telling HansomeBuffalo we should just let them all go out to ARC, and not even LOOK in them. If we haven't needed it yet, I don't want it!! And the baby clothes, maternity clothes, and all the peripheral accoutrement..... I would much rather just agree we are done, so I can let all that clutter go as well. And then I remember there is something I am still looking for (like my awesome cutting board, and the dish drainer I finally gave up and replaced), and I sigh, and resolve to at least unpack a few more before giving up. And to have the kids give aawy at least a third of their toys to charity, before moving more into the house.

6. I love getting a GREAT deal! I have a couch and chair n my living room, purchased for $25 (total), that was almost BRAND NEW, because I was in the right place at the right time. I just purchased a refrigerator from a big-box store, for almost less than THEY paid for it (and several hundred below the list price), and I find great deals on Freecycle and Craigslist all the time. In fact, I almost don't like something if I have to pay full-price for it. But I am NEVER rude or greedy about it, and never insult people with a low-ball offer. Once in a while, I just know what to ask, and when to ask it. I've gotten some lemons, but quickly been rid of them. And I have found some SERIOUS diamonds in the rough! And if I won the lottery tomorrow, there's not much I would change or replace.

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I guess I will tag roundtuit right back!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

AT LONG LAST - an update!!

Well, we are in our house - we finally closed 3 weeks ago (Aug 13), after several days of homelessness. Gotta love incompetent loan processors who lose paperwork, don't follow up on anything, return calls, etc. Let's just say it was a NIGHTMARE, and we were glad to finally close, move in, and be reunited with the kids (whom I sent to live with my sister V for a few days, so they would not be homeless and stressed with us)!!!

It took about 4 days to feel like human beings again, and recover the lost sleep of our real moving day, etc. But we quickly got into a rhythm of work/unpacking/MiniMe's school, etc. Making new friends, meeting our neighbors, and getting a feel for the area.

On Labor Day, Dh had the day off (YAY!!!), so we did some household shopping, had lunch at Subway (MiniMe's choice), and went to the State Fair. I got a bit sunburned, but we had a LOT of fun! LittleBit was mad because she "didn't get to ride EVERY ride", MiniMe was THRILLED about the ones she DID ride.

MiniMe just started soccer last night. Ran her heart out, but was running funny. I asked her why, and she said her pinky toe hurt in her cleats. So we took her to get her feet measured. DUH!! Her shoes are size ONE, her feet are size TWO!! She went up 2 sizes.....and I should have realized, since it's been a year since she last played!! The instant she had the RIGHT SIZE on, she danced for joy, shouting, "My pinky toes don't hurt!!!" I told her it's OK to tell me her shoes are too small!! No "Mother of the Year Award" for me this year................. and I was *THIS* close!

Dh's broken toe is still hurting (did I tell you he stubbed it on some furniture, and broke HIS pinky toe?). And the other day, his store did 800 "scripts" (by the time he went home; there were MANY more after he left!)....his old store in Metroville did 150 in a whole day! He was on his feet 10 hours, without even one break, or a chance to sit down. It was CRAZY! He should only have been there for 8 hours, but couldn't leave the other pharmacist like that. SO he has to talk with the district office, about getting paid those 2 hours. Yesterday was his day off. I was going to have him move furniture, but felt sorry for him, and let him take a long bath, instead.

I am slowly but surely getting the house pulled together. We bought a couple mattresses yesterday, and some more curtains. Still have wrapping paper on the girls' windows (we will have to special order blinds, because of the window dimensions, so it's not a high priority right now), but they have cute sparkly purple sheers over that now, lol. I really am enjoying all the “housework”. My sisters used to laugh at me when I said I LIKE cleaning. The last few years, it's just been overwhelming; with 4 of us in such a small space, and all the junk we've been storing (baby clothes for "what if", etc). This house isn't too big to clean, yet it's plenty big enough to organize, and with Dh working so much, I can just get rid of junk as I see fit (rather than waiting for his OK - though HIS stuff, I set aside with a deadline for organizing/purging). And having an actual office has made ALL the difference! Anyway, I am enjoying cleaning house again. There is a TON of work to do, but the girls are a help from time to time, and my vacuum is really FUN to use, lol - it's a very good vacuum, and gets things really clean. And sleeping in a clutter free room (after years of being surrounded by storage boxes) is the MEANING OF LIFE. I get much better sleep now. If I *EVER* complain about my house, smack me!

And LittleBit is still content to be glued to Mom or MiniMe, at any given moment, but makes it clear she LOVES her Daddy, too!! She sings, "Oh My Darlin, Clementine" ALL the time, it's soooo cute and funny!!

And they are laying natural gas lines on our street, as we speak; just a couple more weeks, and no more propane!!

Hope you are all well and happy, and that Life is moving in a positive direction!!!