Thursday, May 29, 2008

Snake in the Grass - and an UPDATE.

We were cleaning up our backyard - pulling grass out of the flowerbeds, trimming bushes, yanking out the bamboo creeping over from the neighbor's yard....

And we saw a garden snake - so cute, quite long. It tried to get away, and we backed off, then it got into strike position. We let MiniMe and LittleBit stand with us where they could see it, but stay far enough back not to threaten it. Had a nice little talk about snakes, and snake safety. Timing's just right - we may have LOTS of snakes to deal with in the new place.

SPEAKING of the new place, here are more pictures!!!

Here's my new tub!!

Front of the house - ready for stucco, and the roof is finished!!!

Bay window in the dining room - I forgot to take a picture of the cool door leading to the porch - as a builder incentive, we were able to get the kind with the blinds built in - between the panes of glass.

Here's where the kitchen sink will be. I also saw the drawings of the kitchen layout, sent over by the cabinet guy - my kitchen is going to be so big, I won't be able to fill it! Big change from the overcrowded mess we have now!

I love my fireplace. It will be great for stockings, and will really make a statement in the family room!!

The house is coming along so quickly, we may be able to move in much sooner than anticipated!! ANd it's so well-built, we may never leave!!!! If anyone is planning on moving to Ptown, let me know, I'll gladly introduce you to my builder!

Monday, May 19, 2008

What children see

This is something that was forwarded to me today. Made me cry. So I thought I'd make you cry too. It always amazes me to see adults misbehaving, and not understanding what they are teaching their children.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our big surprise

Yesterday we went to P-Town to pick our cabinets, counters, flooring, etc. Our awesome builder set aside the whole day so he could have us meet the three different vendors, see the job site, and choose everything at once, since it's a 2 hour drive for us. We left MiniMe and LittleBit with my sister for the day, so they could play with cousins, rather than be frustrated at all the back and forth, driving, and "boring stuff". Not remotely boring for me - I LOVED choosing all the colors and textures for my new house!!!

We started with carpet, tile, etc, then went to see the house. Our builder mentioned an issue with the windows, but told us it would be taken care of before we came down again. I asked him if that meant the house was framed already - he replied, "not really".

So imagine our surprise when we saw this:

Back of the house:

Front of the house:

How Firm a Foundation

We had to register MiniMe for school. So we went down to NewTown, to submit all the required documents. Turned out, her pediatrician hadn't yet had time to fax her immunization records (and I couldn't find my copy before we left town), so we had to wait. We decided to go see our "house", and discover what (if anything) had been done.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the foundation done and cured, and the floor trusses in!!