Friday, March 7, 2008

Walked away from the house

Well, we started having some concerns, after putting in the offer. Info that made us rethink it, and want to keep looking.

Luckily, they countered so high, we wouldn't have agreed anyway. Pretty house, but we really want separate living and family. And the grout lines of the white tiles everywhere would be a pain to clean!!! I'd forgotten about my nanny days I had to bleach those white tile counters daily, to keep the grout from staining!!

So we're back to square one. Several houses we are going to look at. 3 with the identical floor plan (one of which we've already walked through). Priced all over the place. But one is a foreclosure, so maybe we can get a deal??? (Also happens to be the largest of the three).

Time is on our side. We are in no hurry, and want to be sure we'll be really REALLY happy with this purchase!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm gonna be sick!!

We are putting in our offer on a house tonight!!!

It is just right for us. Some minor compromises (I wanted a separate family and living, but will make due with a great room again, because the floor plan works SOOOOO well!!). It's big enough to work for now, and for 10 years at least into the future. It is BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful, and it is on the lower end of our price range, without being in any way a fixer upper. On just over an acre, the only thing we will do (and not right away), is fence in a larger part of the yard, and do some low-maintenance, kid friendly landscaping in the back. It's even decorated the way I want it!!

So keep you fingers crossed (and toes, and eyes, if you can) that all goes well!!!!!!

We're not mentioning it to our families, by the way. We are doing this completely on our own, and want to just invite them over for dinner, when we move (target close date means we'll move at the first of June).